The Collection will address this silent oppression and the resulting new social movements.​
To demonstrate the fusion of a fictional reality with the real world, 3D objects were developed and designed to be incorporated into a fabric/textile print. In this way, 2D and 3D images are merged into one design. By the help of an app that was developed for this purpose, it‘s not just the garment as such that is visible on the screen, but it also changes its shape in the scanning process.
The intention is to break free from social stigmas also beyond the collection. The Project tells the story of one‘s own conflict, up to the liberation which is represented in the form of a sensual video game.​
The goal of this game is to reach Venus, which stands for detachment from conventional rules.​​​
The idea behind this is to make the fusion of reality and fake reality visible and at the same time to show a new way to create sustainable couture in the near future.
The app makes it possible to transform a ready-to-wear collection into a digital couture collection in the virtual world. The artwork of the print was intentionally filled with sensual elements, to reinterpret the current situation of the pandemic, the design focus was to make outwear more sensual and sexy. An atmosphere of wetness and moisture was to be created, which almost seems to resemble a birth.
Also in this artwork, symbols such as the corsage, which in past centuries was considered a sign
of self-castration, are deliberately placed on the shoulders in order to create a new symbolism. Elements such as dildos and steel chains with sexualized flowers should additionally emphasize the independence that is to be communicated to the buyer of the collection.
The following Presentation will show the results of this art project as a photo series, Impressions of our developed app and its purpose, and eventually a list of all members of the team.
Art Direction & Fashion @arabellaromen
Assistant by
Photography & Post Production by @rianonvran
Textile 3D Print Design @11v151131_m06
3D Environment of Venus Scene: @keyaha_
3D Artists @11v151131_m06 and
Collab AR App @antoonfilato with @keyaha_
Set Design @stefanie_grau
Makeup by @lxninja
Models: @sonjaklnge @mirovonberlin
Accessories & Shoes by
@johannagauder @dior

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