There Reversed Devil is the first animation from Beyond the Cards series. 
Sound Design by Michelle Sprenger.
How did this journey start? 👉🏼👈🏼
A few months ago, I found ‘Der Teufel’ (The Devil) tarot card on the street while facing some challenges in my creative and personal life. Initially, I thought it might be a bad sign, but the cool illustration (created by Pamela Colman Smith in 1909) caught my eye. After brief research on its meaning, it turned out not to be as negative as I had thought.
If you take into account the ‘Devil’ in reverse, it apparently signals a transformative juncture, involving personal growth, artistic evolution, overcoming toxic patterns, and breaking free from addictive behaviours. It felt like a sign. So, I began contemplating how I could use this card to shake things up and break through my creative block. I eventually decided to create 3D environments for certain tarot cards designed by Pamela Colman Smith, giving them my own visual touch. 
‘The Reversed Devil’ is the first animation in this series because it sparked the whole idea. 🧡

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